Political Actors in Intergovernmental Coordination: Perspectives and Priorities

Noémia Bessa Vilela, Damir Kapidžić, Teresa Ruel, Anna Uster & István Hoffman (eds.) - Political Actors in Intergovernmental Coordination: Perspectives and Priorities. Proceedings of the 1st IGCOORD Conference, Budapest May 18th-19th 2023. Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Law 2023

DOI: 10.21862/PoliticalActors.2023

ISBN: 978-963-489-635-7

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  • Part I Political actors of the horizontal intergovernmental coordination

    • Jurga Bučaitė-Vilkė - Political actors in designing social investment policies on territorial level: the case of social innovations in Lithuanian municipalities. pp. 8-16 (DOI: 10.21862/PoliticalActors.2023.8-16) - Full text (EDIT)

    • Ondřej Kuba, Jan Stejskal - Electronic voting as tool to reduce unequal voter turnout in the Czech Republic. pp. 17-21 (DOI: 10.21862/PoliticalActors.2023.17-21) - Full text (EDIT)

    • Nikoleta Jakuš Muthova, Mária Murray Svidroňová - The role of political leaders in handling COVID-19: the case of Slovakia. pp. 22-24 (DOI: 10.21862/PoliticalActors.2023.22-24) - Full text (EDIT)

  • Part II Administrative structures and procedures and horizontal intergovernmental coordination

    • Nevila Xhindi, Noemia Bessa Vilela - The latest wave of administrative and territorial reform in Albania: the role of political actors pp. 26-30 (DOI:10.21862/PoliticalActors.2023.26-30) - Full text (EDIT)

    • Anthony Matthew Dima Murphy, Flavia Ghencea - The legal framework for local government coordination in Romania pp. 31-34 (DOI: 10.21862/PoliticalActors.2023.31-34) - Full text (EDIT)

    • János Fazekas - The European Court of Justice as political actor in intergovernmental coordination. pp. 35-37 (DOI: 10.21862/PoliticalActors.2023.35-37) - Full text (EDIT)

    • István Hoffman - Platform centralisation: a new form of coordination? pp. 38-41 (DOI: 10.21862/PoliticalActors.2023.38-41) - Full text (EDIT)

  • Part III Public policies and horizontal intergovernmental coordination

    • Robert Baťa, Martin Šmíd, Barbora Kovářová, David Bohadlo - Problems of public policies in the field of energy sustainability. pp. 43-47 (DOI: 10.21862/PoliticalActors.2023.43-47) - Full text (EDIT)

    • András Bencsik - The role of artificial intelligence in the functioning of public administrations, with particular reference to the evolution of centralisation and decentralisation. pp. 48-49 (DOI: 10.21862/PoliticalActors.2023.48-49) - Full text (EDIT)

    • Gabriela Neagu - Typologies and mapping of the institutional actors involved in the Youth Guarantee (YG) program. Comparative analysis in four East European countries. pp. 50-57 (DOI: 10.21862/PoliticalActors.2023.50-57) - Full text (EDIT)